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On this site you will find numerous articles and special features for the CB radio hobby. We have reviews, videos, modifications and more!

S9 Magazine

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CBRadioMagazine is an online listing of articles, reviews, and old cb guides and magazines. The information and articles on this website was accumulated over a 6 year period. The site is no longer being updated but will remain online as a historical resource. In the future, time permitting, we will resume posting new articles and reviews. S9 Magazine was one of the best CB Magazines from the 60's's. We've scanned in over 32 issues providing you with over 1, pages of CB related reading.

Looking for tune up information or mods for your radio? These great magazines provided all of that information and more.

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All 29 issues can be accessed from our index page. Welcome to CBRadioMagazine. Modulation - How much is too much? Article explaining modulation and how it effects your CB radio.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo What's legal and illegal to use on the air. Export vs. CB Which should you buy? We review the pros and cons of each.Various scanned technical and historic books that should be of interest to vintage radio collectors etc.

Click a row in the table below to download the file. You may download up to 5 different files in a 30 minute period. If you have anything to add please email paul at vintage-radio dot info. The Wireless Constructor, early s? Babani - Modern Crystal and Transistor Circuits. Babani, Babani No. Bernards - Boys Book of Crystal Sets.

May, Bernards No. Bernards - Communications Receivers Manual. Bernards - Practical Car Radio Handbook. Palmer M. Edwin N. Bradley, Bernards No.

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Bernards - Radio Experimental Circuits Manual. Bernards - Radio Test Equipment Manual. Bernards - Radio and Television Pocket Book. Compiled by B Babini, Bernards No. Babani, Bernards No. Bernards - Three Valve Receivers. May EditorBernards No. Bernards - Transistor Circuits Manual No.

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Clive Sinclair, Bernards No. Bernards - Transistor Subminiature Receivers. Donald W. Thomasson, Bernards No. Ladybird - Air, Wind and Flight.

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Newing B. Ladybird - How it Works: The Computer. Ladybird - How it Works: The Telephone. Ladybird - Levers, Pulleys and Engines.Philosophy: 47 CFR Part Lee is a truly unique individual.

Check site for a location near you! DX'ing, Contesting, Operating, Awards - The site's purpose is to make it easier for contesters to share their claimed scores score rumors and comments immediately after a contest. Disclaimer Links may take you to another site. Sites have switched to secure connections https. Thanks in advance!

cb radio magazine pdf

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Print when needed. Saves paper. Available for all browsers. Make it your default Search Engine. Available in the Chrome Store and Mozilla extensions. Use bangs to search safely within DDG. Post v55, only add-ons in release channel will work.This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Radio-Electronics was an American electronics magazine that was published under various titles from to Gernsback Publications ceased operations in December and the January issue was the last.

Over the years, Radio-Electronics featured audio, radio, television and computer technology. These two issues are considered milestones in the home computer revolution. Media Type Media Type. Topics: free, cable, electronics, digital, power, kit, antenna, mhz, power supply, call call, toll free, Topics: electronics, circuit, free, power, output, digital, amplifier, cable, signal, power supply, freeze Topics: computer, electronics, pin, frequency, data, disk, electronic, kit, mhz, free, power supply, floppy Topics: electronics, digital, free, power, cable, mac, electronic, frequency, power supply, free catalog, Topics: digital, free, mhz, electronics, analog, kit, cable, power, power supply, toll free, free catalog, Topics: computer, color, software, electronics, data, free, model, ram, disk, power supply, toll free, Topics: mhz, kit, ohms, pin, voltage, input, electronics, model, color, circuit, power supply, pin dip, car Topics: power, electronics, circuit, ibm, free, solder, electronic, digital, ram, power supply, expert Topics: electronics, digital, computer, output, mhz, pin, voltage, free, circuit, frequency, power supply, Topics: circuit, mhz, electronics, output, free, frequency, digital, data, ibm, optical, power supply, stun Topics: pin, circuit, electronics, signal, output, free, mhz, cable, power supply, toll free, multipath Topics: electronics, pulse, circuit, pin, kit, voltage, free, output, mhz, power supply, pulse generator, Topics: electronics, signal, circuit, free, ibm, audio, hdtv, catalog, voltage, disk, power supply, disk Topics: voltage, circuit, electronics, free, digital, vcr, output, mhz, pin, power supply, toll free, fine Topics: computer, software, system, basic, ram, color, disk, kit, user, electronics, radio shack, power Topics: pin, voltage, circuit, output, free, electronics, transistor, kit, mhz, digital, power supply, Topics: kit, output, electronic, electronics, power, free, circuit, pin, data, power supply, data bus, Topics: electronics, circuit, output, frequency, digital, print, delay, input, electronic, mhz, power Topics: pin, electronics, kit, free, mhz, voltage, output, electronic, digital, power supply, dual trace, Topics: circuit, voltage, output, electronics, free, pin, signal, input, frequency, power supply, toll Topics: kit, frequency, mhz, output, free, model, voltage, electronics, color, electronic, power supply, Topics: video, kit, color, free, electronics, mhz, circuit, signal, pin, model, power supply, toll free, Topics: electronics, computer, output, free, pin, install, input, model, mhz, digital, power supply, radio Topics: free, data, power, electronics, digital, kit, ohms, power supply, data disks, lawn ranger, free Topics: isc, kit, output, digital, color, pin, electronics, model, voltage, circuit, power supply, voltage Topics: data, electronics, pin, free, feb, nov, jun, digital, oct, power supply, toll free, strain gage, Topics: video, kit, electronics, electronic, model, mhz, color, free, pin, output, power supply, dual Topics: electronics, output, free, mhz, power, kit, electronic, frequency, test equipment, power supply, Topics: electronics, digital, voltage, frequency, circuit, free, computer, power, mhz, apple, power supply, Topics: frequency, kit, voltage, free, electronic, digital, output, electronics, isc, power supply, data Topics: pin, mhz, voltage, kit, electronics, output, electronic, free, digital, frequency, power supply,At that time, the magazine was headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

The magazine was a pioneer promoter of SSB, FM, solid-state, easy construction projects, and the marriage of personal computing and amateur radio. His interest in microcomputing led Green to found several of the early personal computing magazines, including "Desktop Computing", Kilobaud Microcomputing, and 80 Micro, among others.

Green was involved in the founding of Byte Magazine, another early and influential microcomputer magazine, later published by his wife, Virginia Londner Green. Since the summer of73 was based in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

At the peak of its popularity in the s and s, individual issues of 73 totaled more than pages of advertisements, articles and commentary. Heading each issue was Green's editorial column, "Never Say Die", in which he often criticized the American Radio Relay League and his magazine's competitors for their perceived shortcomings.

After completing 43 years of publication, 73 Amateur Radio Today magazine ceased publication in October Publisher Wayne Green cited financial pressure from reduced advertising revenue as the prime reason for shutting down publication of the magazine. KL7CLK Topics: output, antenna, mhz, rtty, amateur, input, frequency, radio, magazine, power, amateur radio, power Topics: antenna, mhz, amateur, frequency, radio, power, magazine, signal, satellite, amateur radio, power Gibson Johnson 28 Scanning with the IC Topics: amateur, mhz, antenna, radio, power, kit, frequency, magazine, model, amateur radio, power supply, Topics: radio, amateur, antenna, mfj, voltage, ham, mhz, power, frequency, amateur radio, radio today, mfj Topics: mhz, frequency, power, radio, amateur, antenna, output, kit, meter, circuit, amateur radio, power What's That?

cb radio magazine pdf

Smith 58 Curing Mobile Noise Miseries K0BV 40 Building for Beginners - happiness is a hot soldering iron Topics: mhz, amateur, radio, antenna, frequency, kit, magazine, receiver, ham, amateur radio, power supply, Who said "trial and error"?Sign in.

Profile of a CB shop: to Present. Going Back to 12 watts. Painting a Fiberglass Antenna. Video: How to add talkback.

Idiot's guide to shooting "skip". Motor Mauls - A detailed walkthrough by "Maniac". Mounting a CB in the vehicle. Radios: How many is too many?

cb radio magazine pdf

How to use an SWR meter. Cobra GTL video overview. Modulation: How much is too much? Traveling with your CB radio. Breaking the rules - rules of CB in today's world. Radio Shack - Love it and hate it.

What happened to radio courtesy? Should you get a peak and tune?

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Export Vs. SWR - what is it and why is it important? Stock mike or power mike? Radios with internal amplifiers - pros and cons. Could a decline in CBer's be a good thing for the hobby? The loss of your local radio shop. Dual antennas - just for looks?

Radio Electronics Magazine

Dealing with your local troublemaker. Roger Beep - useful tool or annoying toy? Clipping the modulation Limiter - Good or Bad? Your wife Vs.

Old school Vs.Sign in. First, I must say that setting up a base radio 11 meter and accompanying antenna is a new hobby for me. I'm a complete newbie. When I first started working on my 11M CB base station, I knew I had to figure out a way to get an antenna up without breaking any of my neighborhood rules.

CB radio magazine episode 1 - NOV 81

An 18ft Solarcon A99 was out of the question. After doing some research, I learned that a dipole antenna mounted in my attic might do the trick. About this same time, I came across John's article on HamUniverse. Making a dipole antenna from off-the-shelf items that could easily be purchased from the local truck-stop Travel America and hardware store Lowes sounded great to me.

Plus, with it mounted in my attic, it would be the perfect "stealth" antenna to keep the homeowners assocation happy. Could it work for 11M CB? I didn't know. Don responded to me promptly and put me in touch with John directly. John was glad to answer any questions I had.

Before we get into the actual antenna assembly, let's look at a few pictures illustrating my installation. The antenna is in my attic, and my 11 meter CB base radio is in my kitchen.

Picture showing which attic in the house I mounted the antenna. The back of the house faces South.

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As you can see, there are lots of other houses around. I fished the coax to the basement through a cold air return duct not within code, I know with the help of a friend.

I took this picture when the house was being built because I thought it would come in handy someday for projects like this. That was a good decision.